I love sharing my art with others! My photography lessons will start giving you all kinds of tips and techniques for catching the atmosphere of this beautiful planet we live in. Through me, you will gain a general understanding of photography and the basics of good photography, which you can then build upon when furthering your photography education.

My aim is for my students to feel more sure and confident about their photography skills each day.

I focus on your wishes, your equipment, and what goals you would like to reach.

You will learn for example, how to take photographs of familiar places under different lighting conditions, at different times of the day. Some of your lessons will help you learn to capture the faces of the multitudes of different people we share this world with.

Of course, a good photography course isn’t just about presenting you with ideal subjects, but how to allow your emotions to be your eye’s guide. You will also learn a number of techniques not just about taking great pictures, but about processing them as well. You’ll learn about balance, composition, and a lot of other great techniques that will take your photography to the next level, regardless of what your subject matter is or what city you are in. Tips on close ups and distance shots are all part of the learning experience, too.


1) One-on-one lessons

If you prefer to have classes in your own private and trusted environment, a one-on-one course would certainly be the best choice. The number of lessons may be tailored to your needs, as all my attention would be focused on just you, your goals, and the photo equipment you would like to work with.


2) Customized lessons and seminars

However, it might be interesting to organize a customized course of several (evening/weekend) classes or day-long workshop for friends or colleagues, as a teambuilding activity. This can include lessons outside the classroom, on location at your office or shooting in the field, if you prefer.

Contact me for more information. Let’s talk about the possibilities!