Photography is the art of capturing a moment’s emotions and atmosphere and bringing the viewer into it. The different purposes of the photo have to be taken into account before the shutter’s first click.

With shooting humans and certainly artists being in harmony with their creativity, it is very important to allow yourself to be guided by the vibes that surround you. In other words, stay in the now and be ready for whatever may come your way. The different stages and locations of the shoot may sometimes be planned well in advance, but things can change in a blink of an eye.

When shooting a stage artist & his/her art I prefer to start well in advance studying that person well, listening to his/her music etc. At the moment of the concert I’d like to be there well in advance, meeting the artist, hanging around there, checking the venue and feeling the vibes. During the concert I’d like to listen and see what happends during the first songs, seeing the harmony between the artist, the audience and his/her music. Only then it will be right for me and my camera to join and start making to portrait the event. A series in which I’d like to place the feeling and bring that over to those people not present but giving them the possibility to join in .




Do you know in advance what the final result of your creativity will be ?

“I love to follow my feeling and instinct during the shoot. A certain situation may trigger a creative & different approach”

Is every shoot special ?

“I noticed over the years doing many different shoots that every shoot is totally different. The feeling, the vibes, the location, the people in it, they all have a huge influence and make me document it everytime in their own unique way”

“My idea is to create a piece of art that let’s every viewer feel the vibes we all have enjoyed while being present”


Review by Kristi, California USA

“This was my first professional shoot, and I felt very comfortable with you and your camera. I was pleased when I saw my pictures, they were much better than I had anticipated. I saw a part of me that I didn’t really know existed. I also loved all of the final touches through editing. I would definitely love to shoot with Kim Vermaat Photography again, it was fun and playful. I think others would enjoy their time with you as well. I think you have an amazing eye to capture feelings, emotions and personality through your lens, which makes your photos invaluable.”