Kim Vermaat is a Dutch professional photographer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. His passion for photography began when he received his first camera at age eight.

He has spent the past decade traveling the globe on assignment,
having shot on every continent except for Antarctica.

He provides portrait photography for Diplomats, Business, Official Receptions, Royal House visits, Weddings, Family, Fashion and arts photography services to both private and corporate clients.

Photos by Kim Vermaat have been distributed worldwide by: Getty Images, the Associated Press, Association Française du Presse, just to name a few.

His distribution count is more then 150 million in publications such as: USA Today,The Washington Post, L.A. Times, People Magazine, ABC, NBC, Telegraaf, Le Point, etc.

Some of his clients have included: Angelina Jolie, The United Nations, The International Criminal Court, The Presidency of Liberia, Winter X-Games Europe,  Air France, numerous magazines, international organizations, international music & movie stars,
and a variety of undisclosed clients       – including 30 embassies –

Due to legal and copyright restrictions certain photos from high profile shoots may not be shown on this site. This includes several private, commercial & United Nations shoots, e.g.: Angelina Jolie, Her Majesties the former Queen Beatrix & Queen Maxima Zorreguieta of The Kingdom of Netherlands etc.

Kim Vermaat is also available for private & group photo classes, as well as seminars.

He has had expositions & publications in several countries.




Photography is the art of capturing a moment’s emotions and atmosphere and bringing the viewer into it.
The different purposes of the photo have to be taken into account before the shutter’s first click. A business portrait, for instance, needs a serious and distinguished approach. Whereas with family photos, and certainly when there are kids involved, feelings play a very important role. Helping that child feel at ease will totally change your results. With wedding and travel photography, it is very important to allow yourself to be guided by the vibes that surround you. In other words, stay in the now and be ready for whatever may come your way. The different stages and locations of the shoot may be planned well in advance, but things can change in a blink of an eye. With art photography it is essential to be able transport yourself into the art.

You’ve got to be listening, watching and feeling the performance because that will result in you understanding what is happening.
It’s only at that moment that I see how I’ll take my shot. A good photographer will be able to cope with any change within a fraction of a second.
They should be receptive to those special vibes and be able to imagine what the client’s needs are. One thing that is important regarding any photo is that the image should be able to touch the audience and let them think about the work. The influence on the audience may only be accomplished by balancing the delicate consistency of different factors. The photographer and their equipment are but mere parts of a whole chain of factors, which result as a photograph.